Thursday, September 07, 2006

Here's a recipe I am going to start today. I have no idea how good this recipe is, but thats what this blog is all about.


Blogger Underground Baker said...

I am very curious about this web site. I have seen this recipe before, in fact I think I linked it earlier this year to one of my posts, which is kind of funny. I can't find it yet...but I think it under a farm post. Um, They sound pretty positive, I wish this site was a blog so I could easily contact them....did you see their contact address on here anywhere, on home page?

I found this funny...

" In those days people sprouted the wheat and had to grind it between rocks."

I would have sold that differently, heh heh. Suggesting that the peopel who made the bread like this didn't have to wash many dishes, like a food processor!

6:17 AM  

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