Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cake Review
Max's on 15th and Oak, Vancouver

Chocolate Decandent Cake
For Breakfast: good
Coffee in the afternoon: very good
Late evening after few drinks: excellent. But watch out, the cops love it there so walk or cab!
Decor: Its a deli
Service: self
Cost: $3.95

This is a finished little cake, rectangular in shape, (I will one day get my camera and computer mated so I can post photos), with a shiny chocolate glaze, little stripes of glaze piped in lines on diagonal across the top and a dollop of buttercream to finish.
Of course the first thing I tasted was the buttercream garnish, and I hated it. You see, it looked good, with a little shine so I thought "oooo, yum". Grainy, with a weird flavour. They say they use natural ingredients, but that buttercream tasted un-natural. Well, thank goodness it was just a garnish, because the rest of the cake was really quite good. Moist cake (devil's food style) divided by two slim layers of ganache. There was a thin layer of buttercream between the cake and the glaze, but thankfully it was overpowered by the chocolate glaze. Oddly enough we couldn't eat the whole piece. (Yes, once again I brought my second, a three year old restaraunt reviewer.)
I have to say, the cake didn't rock my world, but it was suprisingly good. The chocolate glaze looked better than it tasted, but at that price point, I really couldn't complain. ( I forgot to mention the price of our last piece of cake was $4.95 from Sweet Obsession)


Blogger her indoors said...

mmmmmm give me chocolate cake now mmmmmmmmmm please get you camera and computer working together need to see the pics of cake

11:42 AM  
Blogger Underground Baker said...

I'm working on it!
Thanks for visiting.

2:19 PM  
Blogger maha ghazi said...

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9:46 AM  

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