Friday, October 20, 2006

Action Shots, continued.
(I was having some problems with posting yesterdays post, so its cut in half)


Kneading, slowmo

For all this work, and the good lookin' photo op that I lured you in with, the bread was pretty much shite. The profile shot shows how wonky it is on the outside, and it was kinda tacky and dense on the inside. Not to the point of being makes fine toast. It is all because I starved the starter those few days. I am trying to bring it back to full capacity, but have also started another one that I will try to take care of.



The one thing I can say about screwing up is that it always makes me a better baker. It is really hard to describe a dead dough, but when you have one you certainly know it. A dead dough feels kinda cool, like a cross between a pastey glue and cornstarch mixed with water. You can knead it into a ball that looks ok, but within moments is starts to spread and droop. Of course, I had to cook the dead dough, because curiosity reigns in our house, and yes, it was awful.


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