Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Flylady experience so far.

In all honesty, I don’t think I’m Flylady material, but I’m a little desperate and hence have signed on. I have just read through what I was supposed to be doing today to get started. In an ideal situation I am to get up, shower, dress, and do my hair (?!), dress and put on lace up shoes. These are the first “baby steps” to domestic and life bliss. The other important act towards bliss is cleaning my kitchen sink until it shines.
Oh dam, I don’t have any lace up shoes.

Day One
At 7 am I packed up the kids and still asleep husband from the floor of our friends’ living room and slunk out before everyone was awake. Took off my boots by 7:30 in the morning. Those first baby-steps are out the window. Its bedtime and I think I will go shine my sink. I can shower tomorrow.

Day Two
I just read the extensive notes on Flylady, and it is a 31 day program. Twenty nine days to go. So far on the morning routine:
1. Shower and weigh – no.
2. Dress and lace up shoes on – yes and yes. (I found a pair of lace up roping boots. Man I love those boots, but I kind of stride around the house like I’m lookin’ fer my pony).
3. Swish and swipe – this is a speed cleaning technique for the bathroom, fairly self explanatory, and no, I didn’t do it...well actually I tried with toilet paper but it shredded and dissolved before the job was really started.
4. Start one load of laundry – no.
5. Check calendar for appointments – no. (Now looking to see if I missed anything).
6. Empty dishwasher – no.
7. Vitamins and food – no.
8. Drink water – only in my coffee.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Underground Baker, I love you.

Originally, I embraced the concept of FlyLady with passion. They understood! My problems were solved! Just a little bit of on-line support and I would finally wrassle my Household Task Hopelessness to the ground and get control of it all.

Now, several months later, I haven't looked at my FlyBaby stuff for months. I probably have 5 million emails on my yahoo Flybaby account - even the thought of looking there makes me exhausted. A while ago I managed a quick glance, deleted everything so I had a Fresh Start, and that's about the last time I gave any thought to FlyLady.

I honour her (their) success. I deplore my ongoing struggles with home engineering. But that's just how it's going to have to be until I figure out my own way, or give up and somehow hire somebody.

When I came across your message re FlyBabies on a delightful bread worshipping website, I suddenly realized I was Not Alone. I am a FlyBaby, FlyLady dropout, and I have now acknowledged that unfortunate fact to myself and one other.

Thank you, Underground Baker.

Where do I get yellow hops from?

Sincerely - Heather, in Port Alberni

2:39 PM  

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