Saturday, September 01, 2007

No Pics!!!

At least not for awhile as the camera's lens shutter has just jammed and won't let me take nor download pictures...only weeks after the warranty expired. Grrrrr.
So, I will tell you what is up for the fall, and save my summer stories for later. Let me say here that our road trip was lovely. We ate well and played in the water almost every day. If we weren't on a farm we were playing in the lake or scrabbling along the seashore. The days were warm. There were bugs and snakes to keep the kids happy when they weren't in the water and cool drinks in every cooler opened.

We ate:
freshly caught salmon
blackberries, (made gem-like blackberry jelly too)
baked a hell of alot of bread in a day, (what Janice? 115 loaves in two modest ovens?- great fun that, and it tasted wonderful too)
eggs gathered by little hands that when cracked open let out a solar hued blast of brilliance and a taste to match
pancakes with peaches that had never seen a refrigerator
prawns fetched from the watery and thunderous foot of a lightning storm

Now to the fall. The kids are somewhat settled into school, G has started muttering about work, and I have purchased my books for a semester at SFU.
Yes, I am back to school folks. Don't think I won't be baking and cooking...I will need it to give my brain a rest. And of course I will need to pay for tuition, so I may actually have to flog my cakes a little more aggressively.