Friday, November 09, 2007

It's Feeding Time
This starter of Glezer's is quite different from others I have tried. I was sure nothing was happening, but after numerous pokes and sniffs, I decided it was time to give my little mound of rye starter its first "feed". By the end of day two it had changed from a sticky pile of flour and water to a slightly flattened, mud-like consistency. When I gently pulled a fork across the surface it made an almost crinkling sound. Ahhhh, the sound of tiny air-bubbles.
I should say that Glezer suggests that the starter should "bubble up, smell and look awful". All things being relative my version looked and smelled pretty dam good. Perhaps Glezer just hasn't been subjected to the plethora of truly foul, neglected starters that those who live with me can attest to. (All in the name of science, or baking, I say.)

The Third Day: Mixing the second starter
2/3 cup unbleached white flour
Mix the flour into the first starter, forming a firm dough and transfer it to a clean nonreactive container. Cover it tightly with plastic wrap and let it ferment for one or two days. When it is very sticky and riddled with tiny bubbles, it is ready to refresh. It will have very little aroma and will not rise very much, if at all.


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