Monday, March 12, 2007

Over the Top Chocolates

Wow, these chocolates were good. Beautifully made, with lots of attention to detail, both in taste and looks. Check out the blue one. Weird, I know, but it tasted amazing...espresso caramel. It had an espresso flavoured ganache with a little pool of caramel at the very top of the dome, (inside of course), with that wacky swirly blue exterior.
Now, I'm not so crazy about chocolate being combined with fruit flavours, so when I ate the passion fruit bon-bon with the exterior coating of chocolate I wasn't wowed. BUT, when I sucked out the passionfruit filling without mixing it with chocolate it was divine.
I have realized over the years that there are very few fruit and chocolate combinations I like. I find that most taste almost like chemicals to me, especially dark chocolate and raspberries - a very popular combination. I tried it in a piece of cake the other day and could hardly eat it, (which means I ate almost all of it!)
So when I taste things like chocolates with orange or other fruit flavours, I have to separate the tastes, or rather think about the chocolate and fruit as two seperate elements and try to ignore what I think is the weird flavour - gauge the quality of the bon-bon by texture, colour and if no one is looking, suck out the filling before eating the exterior. I have tried to do this while the bon-bon is in my mouth en masse, but think I must look really funny while in the act.
I have also nibbled off the top of a bon-bon and drawn out the insides like that, but it reminds me of my cat when she used to have a baby bunny feast in the spring and only eat their little brains in much the same manner. Ugh.
Well, how do I wrap up a food post after that image. Well, I guess those were kitty bon-bons, so it is all kinda related.
Bon Appetite!!!

Oh yeah, the chocolates were from Over the Moon Chocolates in Vancouver, BC.


Blogger Red said...

Bunny feast?! Sweet Lord, say it isn't so! Still, I guess it's nature, isn't it? And it's all good proteins, which our feline friends are inordinately fond of. I've never eaten brain (of any animal), but I think * tried lamb's brain in Rome. Yuk. I can't believe I still kiss him on the mouth.

I don't eat good-quality chocolate (I don't really have a taste for sweet stuff, anyway; plus I find high cocoa content too strong a flavour), but I quite like chocolate and strawberry and choc and orange.

2:49 AM  
Blogger Candy Minx said...

Fruit flavoured with chocolate is WRONG.

Nope just chocolate uncorrupted chocolate. Milk, dark, chip bar, cookie cake...but plain chocolate. Okay well chocolate cake at Buddy Guys with coffee liquer is good.

But I LOVE the pics and the way the candies look and are decorated very beautiful.

Almost everybody I know in B.C loves Rogers chocolates from Victoria...unless they are chocolate or caramel and chocolate...they are an abomination.

Sorry Red ha ha ha but I don't eat chocolate either because I am a chocoholic.

I made Stagg choclate chip cookies the other night. Ok ok I had some too.

11:17 AM  
Blogger Underground Baker said...

I'm not crazy about Rogers chocolates, (she whispers).

I have eaten about 5 kilos of chocolate since christmas. My man kindly says that he has helped, but really...I have had to buy new brassieres to put all the extra weight in.

But I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm a chocoholic.

And Red, I cannot eat brain, or worse, sweetbreads, aka - glands.
(And I have happily eaten some weird stuff).

9:40 PM  

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